Custom Range of ITLW All Insulated Transformers

Full node

Wall mounting transformers with a wide range of voltage ratios and ratings up to 3.0kVA, housed in insulated enclosures, fitted with sockets, MCBs, etc., made to order.

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Maximum rating for Portable, all Insulated transformers is 3kVA continuous (5000VA intermittent)

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Three-phase transformers are assumed to be Delta/Star connected, star point earthed (NE), unless specified otherwise.

If Dual output windings: specify rating of each winding

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Industry Groups


Blakley Electrics are the UK market leader in the supply of power distribution equipment and lighting systems for use on construction and civil engineering projects. All of our Construction Products are designed to be robust, long lasting and easy to install.


Blakley Electrics rail products have been used for many years by over and under ground rail services. The proven performance of all products gives peace of mind for the specifier, installer and maintainer. Network Rail Acceptance Certificates are available for many products.


Blakley Electrics provide products for all of the armed services including: 50Hz, 400Hz and DC power within aircraft hangars; ship to shore supplies; power distribution for Tier 1, 2 and 3 army field camps.


Blakley Electrics Event products are designed to address the key industry requirements of providing very high levels of electrical protection coupled with rapid installation times and safe, easy handling between venues.


Blakley Electrics Safe Supply Units and Variable Laboratory Supply Units have long been specified for use in school laboratories where the close proximity of water and electricity present a major hazard. Other products such as Transformers and High Sensitivity RCDs are also widely installed in Craft Workshops and Plant Rooms.


Blakley Electrics have supplied standard and bespoke products for use on Nuclear sites across the UK for many years. Products supplied comply with the latest Sellafield specifications and provide the high performance required on British Nuclear sites.


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