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Power Generation Industry

Blakley Electrics designs and manufactures specialist industrial products for the Power Generation sector. The range includes heavy duty, high performance products for fixed installation within a power station, and rugged, temporary power and lighting products to be used in the construction of new stations or to supply large scale outage projects, such as boiler relining.

Fixed products include:  

  • Power Cluster Assemblies to provide supplies at 400V, 230V, 110V and 24V around the plant
  • Heavy Duty IP55 and IP66 MCB boards up to 250A rating
  • Transformers to provide LV, RLV and SELV supplies to socket outlets, instrumentation and specialist equipment
  • Heavy duty fuse boards fitted with Red Spot BS88 fuse banks for locations with a very high prospective short circuit current
  • Protected sockets to feed portable mains voltage plant
  • Automatic and Manual Changeover Switches to provide back-up power for critical plant and equipment

Temporary products include:

  • Mains Distribution Assemblies
  • Auto Mains Failure panels
  • Site Transformers & 110V Distribution Assemblies
  • Temporary lighting

Please download the pdf below to view images of various assemblies designed for operation within Power Generation plants. Detailed information on many of these products can be found on our website:

Download PDF version: