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Public Realm Products

There is an increasing requirement for Local Authorities and other custodians of the Public Realm to provide safe, permanent sources of power for the wide range of activities that now take place in City Centres, Pedestrian Precincts, Parks, Car Parks and other Open Spaces.

Power can be required in car parks to supply weekly markets, in City Centres for Christmas Markets and Open Air Concerts, in Parks and the grounds of large municipal properties to supply outdoor theatres, shows and events. Blakley Electrics have been involved in many projects in the Public Realm and have developed a range of specialist products for this sector, including:

  • Robust In-Ground Power Outlets designed to provide power in areas where cars, delivery trucks, bin lorries and other vehicles routinely operate
  • Unequipped Feeder Pillars (steel or GRP) to house service heads and metering equipment to provide a permanent source of power in outdoor locations
  • Equipped Feeder Pillars complete with IP rated distribution equipment to supply In-Ground Power Outlets, etc.
  • Equipped Feeder Pillars with sockets (internally or externally mounted) to provide above ground power sources
  • Charging Points for high powered electric vehicles
  • Flori-67 Plug-in 230V IP65/IP67 temporary lighting system for market stalls and other parts of the Public Realm.

Detailed product information is available on our website and on the pdf below with more images of products designed for installation in the Public Realm.

Download PDF

PDF iconIO-5_Public Realm Overview.pdf (2.36 MB)