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Plug-in 110V Site Lighting Systems, 3 core

We offer two main solutions for 3 core plug-in, 110V, site lighting systems.

Lighting Only

Flori-67/3P is a dedicated “lighting only” system i.e. it is specifically designed to supply 110V site lighting but is not a source of power for powertools or other appliances.

Flori-67/3P comprises of a 3C supply cable in 50m and 100m lengths with a cross section of 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2 or 4mm2. Dedicated 6A lighting outlets are moulded to the cable every 5m, 7m and 10m. 

50m Flori-67/3P strings are fitted with a 16A 110V IP67 plug for plugging-in to a standard site power transformer. 100m strings are intended to be hard wired into dedicated lighting transformers, although 100m strings can be fitted with 16A plugs if required.

LED floodlights, bulkheads and anti-corrosive fittings (standard or with i-Site movement detection) are pre-wired with 2m Flori-67/3P Adaptors, which plug-in to the nearest outlet on a string.

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Power and Lighting

Powerline is a 16A 110V linear distribution system, which can be used to supply both power and lighting loads. Powerline must only be fed from a 16A supply, therefore its ability to supply non-lighting loads is limited. Our website has a Powerline calculator, enabling the volt drop to be checked when different loads are connected.

Powerline comprises of 25m, 50m and 100m lengths of 2.5mm2, 3C, PVC Arctic grade cable with a moulded-on 16A “Tee drop” every 5m. 

LED floodlights and anti-corrosive fittings are pre-wired with input leads c/w 16A, 3P, 110V, IP44 plug, which can be plugged-in to the nearest 16A 110V outlet on a string.

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