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Blakley Electrics rail products have been used for many years by both over and under ground rail services. We have products designed for use in many rail locations including: stations; along the trackside; within tunnels and in depots / maintenance sheds. We design products that are project specific but we also have repeat products that are supplied on a very regular basis. The proven performance of our equipment gives peace of mind to the specifier, the installer and the maintainer.

Network Rail (NR) NR Acceptance Certificates are available for many products, including Points Heating Transformers and Isolating Transformers for signalling supplies. Our transformers have been used very extensively across the rail network, with over 10,000 Points Heating Transformers supplied over a period of 25 years. In addition, we manufacture specialist DC Immune RCD assemblies for NR “Third Rail” locations. For non-Third Rail locations, we supply multi-voltage socket assemblies for traincare depots, etc., which incorporate standard RCDs with the option of Monitored Earth protection.

London Underground (LUL) We have a wide range of products on the LUL Approved Product Register (APR), including transformers, LV9 platform sockets and IP55 distribution boards. All of these products are approved for installation in Section 12 locations, although there are provisos attached to the installation of some products. Prior to the introduction of the APR system, our 6 kVA Tunnel Power Transformer was approved for installation throughout the LUL tunnel network and over 5,000 transformers are now in operation. In 2015 a 10kVA version of the Tunnel Power Transformer received APR approval and these are now being installed in tunnels where track renewal and other intensive activities are taking place. We have also supplied a range of other assemblies including Automatic Mains Failure panels for Communication Equipment Rooms, Form 4 Tunnel Lighting Switchboards and a variety of LV and RLV products for maintenance depots.

Details of many products are on the website and information on the range is outlined in our Rail brochure, which can be opened from the link below. If you cannot find the product you require, contact our Customer Service Centres, who will be pleased to be of assistance.

download brochure:

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