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Containerised Switchboard

The Blakley team has recently been involved in a major project involving the design and manufacture of a series of bespoke high current switchboards each housed in a dedicated 20’ ISO container. The assemblies are to be used on different projects around the globe and this requirement is reflected in the electrical specification of the switchboards, the incorporation of environmental control equipment (air conditioning) and the use of bespoke containers with Container Safety Convention (CSC) certification (see below for further information on CSC certification).


Bespoke switchboards with different configurations were  manufactured, all to the following general specification.

  • Supply Voltage - 400V 50Hz or 480V 60Hz (with selector switch)
  • Incomer - 3200A 4P ACB, withdrawable
  • Overall Current Rating - 2500A at an ambient of 55oC
  • Bus Bars - Solid copper, 65kA short circuit rating @ 400V 50Hz
  • Distribution - Up to 34 no. outgoing MCCBs, “H” frame with 70kA short-circuit rating, in ratings from 16A to 1000A
  • Sockets - Up to 15 no. sockets rated from 16A to 63A, each with variable RCD protection (key switchable)
Container Fitout

The containers were fitted with an air conditioning unit, extract fan, internal lighting, emergency lighting, small power outlets and auxiliary transformer.

CSC Certification

If the fabric of a standard shipping container is altered in any way, its CSC certification becomes invalid and without current CSC certification a container cannot be shipped on conventional container ships. Instead it must be treated as general cargo, which is far more costly and restricted in terms of standard shipping routes. The containers used on this project were certified after
customisation and they can therefore be shipped around the world alongside standard shipping containers.

Please contact our projects team if you have a potential requirement for containerised distribution assemblies.

SP39 Containerised Switchboards

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