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CT Chamber Assemblies to Scottish & Southern (SSE)

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Blakley Electrics continues to develop its range of products for the Electrical Supply Industry and in 2015 we have produced a far wider range of CT Chamber assemblies meeting Scottish and Southern (SSE) requirements. We now have standard designs for:

  • Stand alone CT chambers rated at 800A, 1250A and 2000A for permanent installations.
  • Combined CT Chamber and high current MCCB / RCD assemblies rated from 800A to 2000A, which provide the means to terminate, meter and protect Temporary Builders Supplies. We are also able to mount combined assemblies in robust, free-standing, GRP, Site Intake cabinets.

We have also continued to expand our range of made to order CT / MCCB assemblies for permanent installations, which combine SSE CT chambers with non-automatic MCCBs or automatic MCCBs, to provide a consumer’s main switch for an installation, with or without overcurrent protection. Assemblies have been supplied with bottom cable entry / exit, bottom entry / top exit or top entry / bottom exit.

As standard, all SSE specification CT chambers and MCCB / RCD compartments are housed in all-insulated enclosures with insulated back plates and transparent shield plates. Incoming terminations and cable clamps are generally in accordance with SSE drawings HO/65/037 or HO/65/084 (see attached data sheet below for standard arrangements) but terminations / clamps can be made to order to drawing HO/65/081. Incoming cable clamps are housed in steel extension boxes and the outgoing side of combined assemblies incorporate a steel extension box enabling large, multiple 4C SWA cables to be glanded-off.

General Arrangement drawings of our standard assemblies are available on our website and we would be pleased to quote for non-standard arrangements meeting SSE or other DNO requirements

Download PDF version:

PDF iconSP32_CT Chambers to SSE Requirements.pdf (438.69 KB)