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Custom Made Distribution Boards

Special Project

Since introducing our comprehensive range of IP55 and IP66 rated MCB boards in July 2014, there has been a great deal of interest in the standard product, thanks to the wide scope of the range i.e. incomers rated at 125A, 200A and 250A; Schneider pan assemblies from 4W to 18W, SP&N or TP&N; standard extras such as spreader boxes, meter chambers, rain canopies and extension boxes to house customer fit control devices.

In addition to the standard range of MCB boards, our Projects Team has been busy dealing with enquiries for non-standard MCB boards, some of which bear a close resemblance to standard boards and some do not! On the attached PDF are images of some of the non-standard boards that we have made over the last few months. Variations include:

  • MCB boards with incoming manual changeover switches
  • Mini MCB boards
  • MCB boards mounted in heavy duty crash frames
  • Enclosures with special paint finishes and shades
  • MCB boards fabricated from stainless steel
  • 24W TP&N MCB boards
  • MCB boards mounted within feeder pillars
  • MCB boards fitted with ABB Isolators and MCB pan assemblies
  • MCCB boards with Powerpact pan assemblies 
Download PDF version:

PDF iconSP24_Custom_Made_Distribution_Boards.pdf (422.6 KB)