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Custom Made Power Cluster Assemblies

We offer a standard range of Power Cluster and Power Cluster Plus socket outlet assemblies (with integral transformer) but we also design and manufacture a wide variety of custom made assemblies. Alongside are images of some recent examples of custom Power Clusters.

A7292651 - Power Cluster on Plinth, with Lighting Control
This is an outdoor Power Cluster which is to be installed in railway sidings. It receives a 125A 400V TP&N supply and is a local source of 230V plug-in power for portable equipment and fixed power to supply permanent lighting. The lights are supplied via a bank of contactors within the Power Cluster, which are controlled by a photocell fitted to the side of the assembly. The 230V sockets are individually protected by RCBOs and the lighting circuits by MCBs.

The enclosure provides protection to IP56 and is fabricated from grade 304 stainless steel finished with a Dark Admiralty Grey top coat. The enclosure is mounted on a plinth, which has a removable front cover to provide maximum access for the installer. 

A7292571 - Power Cluster with Interlocked Sockets
This Power Cluster is also for permanent outdoor installation and is to provide power for a hospitality area at a major sports venue. The enclosure is fabricated from mild steel. Before painting, it is shot blasted prior to being flame sprayed in molten zinc, which provides excellent corrosion protection for enclosures permanently installed outside. The enclosure then receives a polyester powder top coat, shade Holly Green.

The assembly receives a 200A 400V TP&N supply, which feeds  switched and interlocked 400V sockets rated at 63A and 32A and non-interlocked 230V sockets rated at 16A and 32A. The sockets are individually protected by MCBs and RCCBs.

A7292540 - Power Cluster Plus, Vertical Layout
This is an indoor Power Cluster Plus assembly, which required a vertical layout due to space constraints within the installation. The assembly receives a 63A  400V TP&N supply from above, which feeds a 400V 32A socket via an MCB. The assembly also incorporates an integral 2.5kVA RLV transformer to supply 2 no. 16A 110V sockets, which are individually protected by MCB.

The enclosure provides protection to IP55 and is fabricated from mild steel. It is provided with a durable paint finish, which comprises of a zinc phosphate pre-treatment followed by an electrostatically applied, powder coat finish, shade Dark Admiralty Grey. 

Custom Power Clusters can also be housed within GRP enclosures and they can be supplied as mobile units on wheels. If you would like to discuss a possible requirement for a custom Power Cluster or Power Cluster Plus (with integral transformer) please contact the Blakley Projects Team, who will be pleased to be of assistance. 

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