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Field Power and Lighting for the UK Military

Special Project

When the UK Military deploys in the field, there is a significant requirement for power and lighting equipment. Systems need to be quick to install, scalable, safe and easy to use, ruggedly constructed, provide power for many different types of user and be re-usable with minimal maintenance.

Blakley Electrics has been a major supplier of power and lighting equipment to the UK military since the 1990s. Primary distribution assemblies are located outdoors and comprise of heavy duty, steel cased, free-standing assemblies rated up to 3200A, capable of accepting mains power from Host Nations or locally generated power from military or industrial generator farms. A series of steel cased plug-in sub-distribution assemblies distribute power around camps, providing 400V, 230V and 110V and these feed all-insulated, final distribution assemblies within shelters. For special locations, final distribution assemblies can incorporate supplementary earth connections with earth bars visible through windows.

Developments in Design

Although the designs of these assemblies are well established, in recent times additional optional features have been added. Larger distribution assemblies can incorporate sturdy crash frames to reduce damage in use and in transit. Surge protection devices can be deployed to protect sensitive equipment from lightning strikes and other voltage spikes. Due to the widespread use of 230V equipment within shelters, higher current internal units have been introduced (rated up to 125A). Free standing, Automatic Mains Failure panels rated up to 800A have also been developed to back-up critical supplies.

A new range of high output LED shelter lighting has also been developed, which include fittings with integral battery back-up.

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