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Ground Mounted Distribution Assembly for Hangar, FACTA Class F

As part of our standard range of Ground Mounted Distribution Assemblies (GMDA) we offer a heavy duty version, which has been independently tested to verify compliance with FACTA Class F requirements i.e. it is compatible with the loads imposed by slow moving wheel loads of up to 24 tonnes (individual wheel load not total axle load), such as those associated with aircraft and towing vehicles. 

On a recent project for an aircraft hangar, there was a requirement to meet FACTA Class F requirements but the amount of equipment to be incorporated in the GMDA was significantly greater than could be fitted within the standard FACTA Class F floor box. In order to meet the space requirement, a much larger GMDA enclosure was designed and submitted for independent testing to demonstrate compliance with FACTA Class F.

The GMDA enclosure was subjected to a series of tests starting with a force of 100kN. There was no measurable deflection at a force of 300kN (the FACTA Class F Service Test). At  a force of 480kN (the Class F Ultimate Test) there was a temporary deflection of 4mm and a permanent deflection of 2mm. The enclosure has been independently certified as FACTA Class F compliant as the tests did not affect the functioning of the lid and no damage was caused to the internal structure. 

To achieve the required level of strength, the stainless steel cover / lid incorporates a significant amount of reinforcement, which greatly increases the weight. Two gas struts are incorporated to assist supporting the lid in its open position. The cover should be lowered using the removable closing handle supplied (which is held captive while the lid is unlocked) and two dampers are incorporated to reduce the impact on closing. 

Within the GMDA is a bespoke Power Cluster, which is fitted with 2 no. 63A 400V 5P interlocked sockets, 2 no. 16A 230V 3P interlocked sockets and an integral 2kVA transformer feeding  1 no. 16A 110V 3P socket. 2 no. compressed air outlets are also incorporated.

If you would like to discuss a requirement for a FACTA Class F, heavy duty, ground mounted distribution assembly, for use in an aircraft hangar or elsewhere, please contact the Blakley Projects team who will be pleased to be of assistance.