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GRP Pillars with integral SSE Specification

For permanent installations we make a standard range of CT chambers rated from 800A to 2000A to SSE requirements and for temporary builders supplies (construction sites) we make a standard range of SSE CT chambers close coupled to RCDs, which can be housed in ISIA series GRP pillars. In addition, we make to order SSE specification CT chambers combined with main MCCBs, housed in GRP pillars, for permanent outdoor installations.

Alongside are images of two recently supplied GRP pillars each fitted with an 800A CT chamber close coupled to an 800A 4P MCCB. As these assemblies are to be located within the public realm, the pillars have an external finish to match the surround: one is Holly Green (BS 4800 shade 14 C 39) and the other is Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016). We are able to provide pillars with an external colour to any standard BS4800 or RAL shade (non-metallic). The internal surfaces have an off white resin finish. 

Our outer pillars are of robust construction and provide ingress protection to IP55. Walls are made from GRP / 18mm Weather and Boil Proof (WBP) ply core with encapsulated timber strengtheners. Outward opening GRP doors are incorporated with heavy duty stainless steel hinges, bolted through GRP encapsulated steel box section for extra strength. Doors are fitted with hold open stays and a 3 point locking system with padlockable compression handle. The bases are open for standing over a trench and there is an internal flange for floor fixing. A removable lifting arrangement is also incorporated.

The CT chamber and MCCB are housed in separate IP55 GRP enclosures with steel extension chambers, which enable the incoming solid aluminium bunched wavecon cables to be clamped and terminated (up to 11 no. incoming cables) in accordance with SSE drawing HO/65/084 (version 3). Multiple multicore steel wire armoured cables can be terminated on the outgoing side of the MCCB enclosure. Meters can either be fitted to the front of the CT chamber or space can be provided on the backboard.

To make installation of the incoming bunched wavecon cables as easy as possible, the lower front section of the CT chamber and the extension box are removable, to provide maximum access and space for manipulating the solid aluminium cables. Once the cables are clamped in position (wooden clamps are provided) and terminated, the removable sections can be reinstated.

Further information on standard SSE CT chambers and combined units for Temporary Builders Supplies can be found on Blakley data sheets DDS004 and DDS110. GA drawings can be downloaded from our website:

If you have a project with a requirement to terminate and meter a mains supply from SSE or other DNO, please contact the Blakley Projects Team who would be pleased to assist.