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Improvements to SSE CT Chambers

The Blakley Engineering and Project Teams thrive on the challenge of a major project but they also understand the importance of improving standard products, to make them easier to build or install. A recent example of this has been to introduce a series of improvements to the 2000A CT Chambers that we produce to Scottish & Southern Specification (SSE). 

We offer a standard range of CT chambers to SSE specifications, in ratings from 800A to 2000A and we have also made non-standard CT chambers in ratings of 2500A. All of the CT chambers have to terminate solid aluminium bunched wavecon conductors. Up to 3 no. cables per phase need to be terminated and the size, number and type of conductor requires adequate cabling room, a specific cable clamping arrangement for the bunched wavecon conductors and terminal pads that can accept a two hole or four hole fixing lug. These are standard elements that have always been incorporated in our product.

However, following discussions with SSE engineers, we have now made modifications to the steel extension chamber, the main GRP enclosure, the incoming earthing arrangement and the wooden cable clamps. These improvements should make it far easier for the incoming bunched wavecon conductors to be located and terminated within the CT chamber. A GA drawing of the new arrangement is on the pdf download.

As can be seen from the images above, the front sections of the incoming side of the enclosure are now removable. This provides much better access for the installer to position the incoming bunched wavecon conductors. The wooden cable clamps have been modified to make them easier to remove and refit during the installation process and the incoming terminal pads are punched with 2 hole and 4 hole holes to match the variety of terminals used in the different SSE regions.

These improvements have initially been made to the 2000A CT chamber but we are now engaged in rolling-out the improvements across our SSE CT chamber range, as the advantages for the installer far outweigh any additional cost. 

At Blakley Electrics, we are always keen to improve our products and all feedback from installers and designers is welcomed.