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MCB Boards with ISOBAR P Pan Assemblies

The recently introduced range of Schneider ISOBAR P MCB  boards and pan assemblies greatly reduces on-site installation time, particularly when high numbers of RCBOs are to be installed. RCBOs with the Plug On Neutral (PoN)  feature are clipped directly into the ISOBAR P pan assembly without the need for functional earth or neutral connections, which not only speeds-up and simplifies installation but also increases wiring room within the board.

Blakley heavy duty IP55 and IP66 MCB boards are widely installed in harsh environments. As standard they incorporate traditional ISOBAR MCB pan assemblies but we are now able to offer the option of ISOBAR P pan assemblies across the range. TP&N boards are available with 4 pole incomers rated at 125A, 200A and 250A with pan assemblies ranging from 4W TP&N to 24 way TP&N. Single-phase boards have 125A DP incomers and are available with 6W, 10W and 14W pan assemblies. 

New boards with ISOBAR P pan assemblies can be fitted with RCBOs with the Plug On Neutral feature. These are SP&N devices and are available in ratings up to 45A. RCBOs with “B” curves are offered with a sensitivity of 30mA. RCBOs with “C” curves are available with sensitivities of 10mA, 30mA or 100mA. The new RCBOs can be fitted alongside SP, DP or TP MCBs and, if the distributed neutral kit is incorporated, 4P MCBs can also be fitted. Standard RCBOs can be fitted alongside RCBOs with Plug On Neutral.

As with our standard range, MCB boards with Isobar P pan assemblies can also incorporate metering, additional DIN rail for control devices, spreader and extension boxes. 

MCB boards utilise enclosures fabricated from mild steel but we are also able to fabricate enclosures from various grades of stainless steel.

Blakley MCB boards fitted with ISOBAR P pan assemblies are made to order. However, they share many common components with the standard range and therefore lead times are not generally extended.

If you have an application for heavy duty, IP55 or IP66 MCB boards incorporating ISOBAR P pan assemblies, please contact the Blakley Projects Team who will be pleased to discuss requirements.

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