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Mobile Power Clusters

Special Project

Large industrial complexes often have a requirement for multiple voltages around a plant, whether for ad hoc maintenance or planned shutdowns. As an alternative to installing fixed Power Clusters at strategic locations around a site, it is sometimes more economic, particularly on established sites, to adopt mobile distribution assemblies, which can plug into existing 400V sockets.

As no two sites are the same, Mobile Power Clusters are designed and built to order and the Blakley Projects Team have been involved in developing assemblies for many different industrial complexes. The images above are examples of some of the Mobile Power Clusters that we have produced in recent times.

If you have a requirement for a Mobile Power Cluster the following details would help us to understand your requirements:

  • Is power input via an Appliance Inlet (a fixed plug) or a flexible cable?
  • What current, voltage and pin pattern of Appliance Inlet or Plug is required?
  • If a flexible input cable is to be fitted, what length, cross section and cable type is required?
  • The quantity and current rating of 230V and 400V sockets required and are they switched and interlocked? LV sockets are usually individually protected by MCB and RCD, please specify if otherwise.
  • What is the rating of integral transformer to feed 110V sockets? Please also specify whether the transformer is single or three-phase.
  • The quantity and current rating of 110V sockets required (not usually switched and interlocked)? 110V sockets are individually protected by DP MCB but please specify if RCD protection is also required.
  • Overall IP rating and advise if the atmosphere is corrosive.
  • Is the ground even or uneven?
  • Are two fixed wheels and two rotating wheels suitable?
  • Any other requirements such as Monitored Earth protection, 24V sockets, stainless steel construction, etc.

Armed with the above information, our Projects Team should be able to provide a quotation for a Mobile Power Cluster and we look forward to hearing from you.

Download PDF version: