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New Generation of Dockside Service Units

Special Project

Back in 1992, Blakley Electrics supplied a total of 20 no. 630A Dockside Service Units (DSUs) to one of the UK’s major Naval bases. After nearly 25 years of service in very harsh environments, SOME of the units now need replacing.

The design of the New Generation of DSUs takes into account the experience gained by users and maintainers of the equipment over an extended installation period and it is expected that an even longer service life will be achieved with the new assemblies.

Key features include:  

  • Enclosures fabricated from 316L stainless steel
  • Ingress protection to IP56
  • Form 4 segregation for hard wired circuits
  • Electrically interlocked access to termination compartments
  • Monitored earth protection for high current circuits with over ride option
  • Doors fitted with upper and lower stays, due to high winds in exposed locations
  • Controlled access to socket outlets, to reduce unauthorised interference with plug-in connections
  • Brushed strip protection to “open” access compartments to minimise foreign body ingress
  • Co-ordinated short circuit protection enabling the use of MCBs and RCCBs in locations with a relatively high PSCC
  • Phase supply indicators for the incoming supply and for the main bus bars
  • Anti-condensation heaters with thermostat and manual control
  • Specific wiring diagrams permanently fixed within each hard wired MCCB compartment
  • Kilowatt hour metering
  • Easy identification of hard wired and plug-in compartments
  • Use of variable RCDs with dip switch control to enable periodic testing to be more consistent and accurate

The extremely detailed discussions between the Blakley Electrics Project Team and the Users and Maintainers on site, has resulted in a product that should have lower long term maintenance costs, an extended product life, easier and more accurate periodic testing and safer, more reliable supplies for end users.

The experience gained through long term associations with large, demanding users such as Naval Dockyards, London Underground, Network Rail, MOD and many other leading organisations in the UK, provides Blakley Electrics with a unique knowledge base for designing equipment to be used in harsh or outdoor environments. Contact the Blakley Projects Team to discuss standard or custom built products for arduous applications.

Please download the PDF Version for GA drawings of the 1992 and 2015 versions of these Dockside Service Units.  

Download PDF version: 

PDF iconSP27_Dockside Service Units.pdf (1.01 MB)