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Outdoor Assemblies Mounted within Crash Frames

Crash Frames were developed for the Generator Hire / Event sector in order to provide a safe means of handling large, high current, high value distribution assemblies. Crash frames incorporate overhead lifting points and fork lift pockets, enabling these top heavy assemblies to be moved safely within depots and on site. Crash frames also  provide physical protection for the assemblies when they are in transit and in use, which is often in a harsh environment. Various examples of assemblies with crash frames are shown below.

Over the years it has been recognised that crash frames can also provide benefits for permanently installed assemblies, particularly when they are located in vulnerable or exposed positions. Alongside are images of a Shore to Ship Assembly, which is to be permanently installed on a dockside on the North Sea coast. Due to the harsh environment, the enclosure is fabricated from grade 316L stainless steel and it is mounted within a heavy duty, galvanized crash frame. An overhead lifting facility is incorporated to allow the assembly to be positioned but fork lift pockets are not required. Although the socket outlets are rated to IP67, they are mounted within the main enclosure, to provide additional protection from the elements. The underside of the enclosure incoporates slots  with protective brushed strips, which enables the plug leads to exit the enclosure when the main door is closed. The assembly also incorporates a separate internal enclosure to house the main switchgear, transformers, SPDs, etc. 

If you have a requirement to install equipment in exposed, harsh environments, please contact the Blakley Projects team who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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