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Outdoor Distribution Assemblies Rated up to 6300A

Despite the in-roads that have been made in reducing electricity consumption in recent years, the rating of switchboards seems to know no limits! The Blakley Projects Team has recently been involved with a project requiring two high current, outdoor distribution boards: one rated at 4000A and one rated at 6300A. 

The two assemblies are initially to be configured to operate as Generator Interface Units (GIU), with each board having 4 no. incomers and 1 no. outgoing ACB to feed the installation. However, if required, the configuration can be reversed with the boards having single incoming ACBs feeding 4 no. outgoing MCCBs. The initial configuration of the two boards is as follows: 

Incomers:    4 x 1250A 4P MCCBs with Micrologic 2 trips
Distribution:    1 x 4000A 4P ACB with Micrologic 2 trip

Incomers:    4 x 2000A 4P MCCBs with Micrologic 2 trips
Distribution:    1 x 6300A 4P ACB with Micrologic 2 trip

The ACBs also incorporate multi-function meters (including kWHr), which record kWhr, whether the ACBs are being used as incomers or outgoers.

The distribution assemblies are designed to operate outdoors without any additional protection against the elements. To provide mechanical protection for the enclosure and to assist with positioning on site, the enclosure is housed within a heavy duty, square tube crash frame with galvanized finish. The crash frame also incorporates fork lift pockets and a type tested lifting facility capable of supporting the 3640kg weight of the 6300A assembly.

The assemblies are designed to be connected via flexible cables and the 6300A ACB can terminate up to 16 no. 240mm2 cables per phase, whilst the 1250A and 2000A MCCBs can terminate up to 8 x 240mm2 cables per phase. Each ACB / MCCB is located in its own, segregated, padlockable compartment, enabling cables to be terminated or disconnected without shutting down the whole panel. 

Bus bars are solid copper and the bus bar system has a fault rating of 65kA.

On the pdf are general arrangement drawings of the two assemblies. The design of the enclosure is modular, which enables the number of incoming and outgoing sections to be altered to suit the requirements of different installations. Due to handling constraints, assemblies incorprating more than 5 sections would need to be split for transporting to site.

If you have a requirement for high current, outdoor distribution assemblies, please contact our Projects Team who would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

DOWNLOAD SP45 Outdoor Distribution Assemblies