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Pillar Equipped with Multi-Voltage Power Cluster

As part of our standard range, we offer unequipped outdoor feeder pillars, which provide a high level of environmental protection for a wide range of customer fitted switchgear and controlgear. Pillar bodies are made from ferritic stainless steel with a painted finish and the expected life of a typical enclosure is 10 to 20 years dependent on the geographic location and the level of air pollution. We also manufacture a range of standard and non-standard 
multi-voltage Power Cluster socket-outlet assemblies, which are usually installed within a factory or fabrication facility. However, when the need arises, Power Clusters can fit neatly into standard pillars.

On a recent project, there was a requirement for a number of Power Cluster Plus socket assemblies to be installed in outdoor locations where there were no buildings or other structures capable of supporting the assemblies. There was also a requirement to prevent interference with the sockets when they were not in use. Therefore fitting Power Clusters into standard feeder pillar enclosures with a padlockable door, provided a simple, cost effective solution.

Power Cluster enclosures are fabricated from mild steel with a high quality, outdoor duty, paint finish. The enclosure provides protection to IP55 and, in this instance, was fitted with sockets rated at 63A 5P 400V, 32A 3P 230V, 13A 3P 230V and 16A 3P 110V. All sockets are protected by individual MCBs and RCDs and a transformer for the 110V socket is also incorporated. Industrial sockets are rated at IP67 and the 13A sockets provide protection to IP56, even when used with  a standard 13A plug. All of the equipment in the Power Cluster is fed from a 100A three-phase and neutral mains voltage supply, which is controlled by a door interlocked mains isolator, padlockable in the OFF position.
The door of the standard pillar is to remain open whenever the sockets are in use (a door stay is incorporated to ensure the door remains open). As an alternative, non-standard pillar enclosures can be fabricated with independent cable exit points, which allow the main doors to be closed when plugs are inserted into the sockets (see lowest image). 

If you would like to discuss a possible requirement for permanent outdoor distribution equipment please contact the Blakley sales team who would be pleased to be of service. 

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