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Power Cluster Assemblies for 230V / 400V Applications

The original Blakley range of Power Clusters combines 400V, 230V, 110V and 24V socket outlets into one distribution assembly and requires only a single supply connection. Power Clusters eliminate time spent on site fixing and wiring multiple devices such as isolators, MCBs, RCCBs, transformers, sockets, etc. Power Clusters are fully tested Factory Built Assemblies, they are of uniform appearance and construction and are supplied to site fully wired and fitted, resulting in significant on site efficiency gains.

If 110V and 24V sockets (and the associated transformers) are not required, we also make slim line Power Clusters fitted with 230V and 400V socket outlets only. Alongside are images of various Power Clusters without transformers, featuring different combinations of socket outlets and protection. These assemblies can used to supply a wide range of plug-in mains voltage plant.

Due to the high number of protection and distribution permutations, mains voltage Power Clusters are generally made to order, although we have developed a range of standard enclosures, which can be adopted for many configurations. In order for our Projects Team to provide a quotation for a slim line Power Cluster, we need guidance on the following key points.

  • Rating of Incoming Device (typically 32A, 63A, 100A or 125A, 2P or 4P)
  • IP rating (overall ratings of IP44 or IP55 are offered as standard but higher ratings can be supplied)
  • RCD Protection (incomers can incorporate RCD protection or sockets can be protected in groups or individually)
  • Number of sockets to BS EN 60309-2 (standard ratings are 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A; 230V or 400V; 3P, 4P or 5P; IP44 or IP67)
  • Specific enclosure requirements (enclosures are fabricated from mild steel as standard but can be fabricated from different grades of stainless steel; special paint finishes and pre-treatments can also be offered)
  • Special dimensional requirements or cable entry points

In addition to Power Clusters without transformers, we still manufacture many different configurations of Power Cluster with integral transformers.

Please contact our Projects Team if you would like to discuss Power Cluster socket assemblies with or without integral transformers.


SP44 - Power Cluster Assemblies for 230V/400V Applications