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Power Clusters for Hangars and Vehicle Workshops

The Blakley team have recently been involved in a project to provide Power Clusters in an aircraft maintenance hangar. Although none of our products is certified for use in hazardous areas, under instruction from the relevant authority (usually the Fire Officer), we can supply non-certified assemblies for aircraft hangars and vehicle workshops, which incorporate high stands to ensure that connections are made above a hazardous zone. In this instance, the requirement was for the sockets to be installed at a minimum height of 1200mm.

In addition to the typical array of equipment fitted to a Power Cluster, such as main isolators, 110V and 24V transformers, MCB and RCD protection, sockets rated from 16A to 250A in voltages from 24V to 400V, some of these Power Clusters also receive and distribute 208V TP&N 60Hz and 480V TP&N 60Hz supplies. The Power Clusters also incorporate fail safe emergency stop circuits, which isolate all outgoing feeds when a stop button is operated, whether they are supplied at 50Hz or either 60Hz supply. The 60Hz supplies also incorporate metering and adjustable voltage relays to provide protection against under and over voltage. 

Lastly, as these assemblies are installed in the middle of a large open floor area, bracketry is incorporated to enable the installer to fit an emergency light fitting above the Power  Cluster and a cable reel to the side.

If you have a project that you think would benefit from a custom built Power Cluster assembly, please contact the Blakley Projects Team, who would be pleased to develop a solution to simplify the initial installation and help provide a safe working environment for users and operators.