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Red Spot Fuse Boards for Sellafield

special project

In 2012 the Red Spot fuse business was acquired by Cooper Bussmann, to add to their portfolio of fuse gear products. Cooper Bussmann are market leaders in the supply of fuses and fuse gear and the addition of Red Spot products is a natural extension to their range.

The Red Spot range of fuses and fuse banks had been the product of choice in the 1970s and 1980s but with the shift away from fuses to MCBs and MCCBs, demand for the product had fallen, as had investment. Cooper Bussmann are keen to breathe new life into the Red Spot range and have invested heavily in new tooling and production engineering equipment to make the product fit for the 21st century.

Heavy duty fuse boards was another part of the Red Spot range that needed updating. These products are often installed in some of the most demanding installations, such as power stations and nuclear facilities, where the breaking capacity and reliability of the BS88 fuse is a pre-requisite. Blakley Electrics has a history of making heavy duty fuse boards fitted with BS88 fuse banks and has made them for temporary and permanent installations at Sellafield and other locations, including free-standing versions for various nuclear decommissioning projects.

Following discussions with Sellafield Limited, we have now developed a standard range of heavy duty "Sellafield" fuse boards, which include single-phase, double pole and three-phase versions, in 4 way, 6 way, 8 way and 12 way configurations, utilising 20A, 32A, 63A and 100A Red Spot fuse banks.

Enclosures are fabricated from sheet steel, are of robust, seam welded construction and provide protection to IP54. They are surface mounting, with external wall-mounting brackets. A side hinged door is incorporated with quarter-turn fasteners, a key lock and facility for a padlock. Undrilled top and bottom gland plates are provided. Both the door and gland plates are cross bonded to the main M10 enclosure earth point. An inset plate is not provided as standard.

Enclosures are protected against corrosion by a high quality, outdoor duty, finishing system, comprising of a zinc phosphate pre-treatment followed by polyester powder coating, shade Dark Admiralty Grey (BS 4800 18B25).

Incoming and outgoing cables terminate directly onto the fuse bank and the associated neutral / earth bars detailed below. Fuse banks can be rotated to permit top entry connection if required. A metal document pocket is welded to the rear of the door. Fuses are generally ordered separately.

Unshrouded, copper, neutral and earth bars of the appropriate rating are fitted towards the bottom of each panel. Each bar has a separate M6 connection point for each fuse carrier, so that the board can be fully equipped with single phase outgoing circuits if required. An external earth stud is also provided, bonded back to the earth bar. Each bar will be marked with appropriate labelling, detailing circuit designations.

Free-standing versions of the fuse boards can be provided, as can versions incorporating incoming isolators, inset panels, shrouded neutral bars, projecting rain canopies, Safeclip fuse carriers, RCD protection, etc.

If you would like further details on our range of fuse boards for Sellafield or other users, please contact our Crayford or Wakefield Customer Service Centres.

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