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Rizon Jet - GMDA

Special Project

Rizon Jet was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Doha, State of Qatar, with additional operating bases strategically located in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates) and Europe (United Kingdom).

Rizon Jet pursues a holistic and customer-centric approach to business aviation, providing private travel solutions and business aircraft services to today’s time pressed traveller. Its mission is to meet increasing demand for corporate   aircraft charter in the Gulf Cooperation Council states and expand its services with aircraft maintenance services as well as build on its aircraft trading and management arm.

Even behind the scenes Rizon Jet operate a high class operation. Their UK base at Biggin Hill, a £20m development, includes purpose built VIP Terminal, administration and engineering offices as well as a state of the art aircraft hangarage offering a complete maintenance package for it’s own fleet and private aircraft owners. Rizon Jet headquarters is ideally located for technical stopovers when travelling between Europe and Asia.

The maintenance facility required floor mounted power supplies for use during aircraft maintenance. The floor boxes needed to withstand a load of 22 tonnes, offer a variety of electrical power outlets, single and three phase, as well as high pressure air for air powered tools.

The Blakley Electrics Ground Mounted Distribution Assembly (GMDA) was offered as an option to provide the power and air outlets needed combined with the load bearing capabilities needed in an aircraft hangar.

An upgraded version of the Blakley Electrics standard GMDA was at the heart of the product utilised. The GMDA was stretched in order to accommodate the power and air outlets. Particular attention was paid to the lid of the assembly. It had to be tough enough to take the weight of the nose wheel of large executive jet as well as offer safety to the operators. The latter was achieved by the inclusion of gas struts to aid with lifting and lowering the lid. In addition the incorporated distribution panel had to be accessible for maintenance as well as general use.

The resulting bespoke product is now in place and fully functioning in the Biggin Hill facility. It is being used by the expert teams at Rizon Jet carrying out maintenance and repair services to a wide range of aircraft.

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