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Customised MCB & MCCB Boards

In addition to our extensive standard ranges of IP55 and IP66 MCB distribution boards and TDC series of Transformer Distribution Cubicles (which combine RLV transformers with double-pole MCB distribution arrangements), we also manufacture a wide range of non-standard versions. Some bear a close resemblance to the standard products and some do not. In the images alongside are some examples of non-standard variants.

Part number A7030993 is derived from our standard range of wall mounting TDC, which has transformer windings rated at 2 kVA, 5 kVA and 10 kVA. This non-standard version incorporates a 5 kVA winding housed in a non-vented, IP55 enclosure. In addition, the DP MCBs, which are located in the lower compartment, are visible through a view window and fitted with individually engraved circuit designation labels. Cable entry and exit is through the base of the unit. 

MCB board part number A7292341 incorporates one of our standard IP55 250A 12 way distribution boards, complete with incoming kilowatt hour meter chamber and outgoing MCBs. The complete assembly is mounted on a heavy duty angle iron frame. Cable entry is through the base and exit through the top, via removable gland plates.

The three MCB boards shown grouped together are all based on our standard IP55 MCB boards with 125A 4P incomers but they also incorporate view windows. The boards are equipped with specific MCBs and RCBOs and circuits are individually identified with screw fixed, engraved labels. The internal shield plate is pre-punched with fixing holes so that any spare ways can be similarly labelled if they are equipped in the future (blank labels and fixings provided).

The MCCB board shown on the pdf download is destined for the food processing sector and features a robust, IP54 enclosure fabricated from grade 316L stainless steel with a brushed finish. The enclosure is fitted with a 6 way Schneider Powerpact 4 MCCB panelboard interior. The incomer is rated at 400A and the outgoing ways all incorporate MCCBs with Micrologic 5.3E trips, which incorporate power meters for local display and are also configured for remote display via a Modbus. 

To discuss a standard or customised distribution board requirement, please contact our Projects Team who will be pleased to be of assistance.