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Equipped Stainless Steel Pillar

The Blakley Team has recently been involved with a major project to supply over 40 no. stainless steel pillars to a major industrial complex in the UK. The pillars incorporate a Blakley fuse board fitted with Red Spot fuse banks, which supply critical equipment around the installation. Fuse protection is already widely deployed on the project as it has been found to provide the required level of protection over the long term, even in the adverse operating conditions found on this particular site.

The pillars will be installed in an exposed coastal location and have a design life of 25 years. The outer enclosure is fabricated from grade 316L stainless steel with a special painted finish. The inner fuse board is made from mild steel, which is flame sprayed in zinc prior to a top coat of electrostatically applied polyester powder.

The basic pillar and inner fuse board enclosure both provide protection to IP54. They are based on our standard products but have been adapted to meet the specific requirements of this project. The pillar is welded to an angle frame and the base of the body is enclosed.
Pre-punched knock-outs for cable entry and exit are provided in the base. The doors are side hinged, individually padlockable and incorporate door stays. The fuse board has a key lockable door and has side gland plates, which are positioned adjacent to the outgoing terminals, which are all pre-wired from the fuse board. A removable lifting arrangement is also provided.

The assembly incorporates a set of 70mm2 incoming terminals, which feed an enclosed 63A TP incoming main switch with cover interlocked actuator. The isolator feeds the fuse board which incorporates 3 no. 20A 12 way Red Spot fuse banks complete with fuses of various ratings. As well as feeding external circuits, the fuse board also supplies an integral Furse ESP415 Surge Protection Device, a thermostatically controlled anti-condensation heater, a 13A RCD protected test socket and a  door operated switch which provides remote indication when the left hand side door is open (the right hand side door cannot be opened first). The fuse board incorporates a 20 way earth bar and neutral bar. An additional earth bar is provided within the pillar for cross bonds to internal metalwork.

Customer Connections
The customer connects to a series of DIN rail mounted terminals located in the left hand side of the pillar. Dedicated cable tray and trunking is provided for the customer’s use. 

A full set of documentation is provided with each pillar. Due to the nature of the installation, there is also a requirement to keep “Life Time Records” for each assembly, which includes traceability of all key components used within the pillars.

Please contact the Blakley team if you have a requirement for long lasting, high performance outdoor distribution pillars and assemblies.

PDF iconSP59_Equipped_Pillar_with_Red_Spot_Fuse_Board.pdf (259.2 KB)