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Special Purpose LED Lighting

We offer a comprehensive range of 110V LED lighting products, which include fixed and portable floodlights, task lights, anti-corrosive fittings and bulkhead lights. We offer a range of wiring systems and accessories, targeted mainly at the temporary site lighting market. Our standard range satisfies the vast majority of site lighting requirements but we can also provide non-standard luminaires for specific requirements.

We have recently been involved in two projects that require the adoption of non-standard luminaires. The first was a tunnel project which had a requirement for ultra powerful floodlights to provide a high level of illumination for deep level excavations. We were able to meet the requirement with a combination of 280W and 480W LED floodlights. The 280W model has an output of 35000 lumens and the 480W model has an output of 62000 lumens. Not only is the light output exceptionally high but the fittings are also very efficient with an output of 125 to 130 lumens per watt, which is far in excess of that achieved with standard LED site lights, which are typically a maximum of 100 lumens per watt. We are able to supply LED floodlights with a rating of up to 960W and a light output of 115000 lumens, which is an exceptional output for a consumption of less that 1kW and we look forward to supplying some of these in the future! 

The second project is still at the planning stage and is to illuminate archaeological activity on a major project prior to the commencement of construction works. The requirement is for an average illumination level of 200 lux with a low level of contrast in order to achieve a very consistent light level across the site. To meet this requirement a variety of luminaires and mounting arrangements were modelled and by far the best results were achieved with 212W LED arrays housed in 5’, IP67, anti-corrosive luminaires mounted at a height of 7 metres. The luminaires incorporate 3 hour maintained emergency back-up, which achieves a minimum of 1 lux across the site in emergency mode.

Due to the special nature of the requirements, neither of these schemes is able to utilise 110V luminaires. However, our Power Cluster socket outlet assemblies can terminate an incoming steel wire armoured cable and incorporate RCD protected sockets to feed the 230V version of our Flori-67 plug-in lighting system. 

If you have a requirement for site lighting, which appears to be outside the scope of our standard range, we would be pleased to explore alternative solutions. 

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