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Venue Power Distribution Equipment

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To ensure players and spectators have the very best experience at an international sports venue, extensive external works have recently been completed, uprating the electrical facilities.

An assortment of purpose built assemblies have been supplied, ranging from power / data boards supplying sophisticated, electronic scoreboards, through to high current, ground mounted distribution assemblies and floor standing power pillars, to supply hospitality marquees and broadcast equipment.

Scoreboard Assemblies

The scoreboard assemblies are installed in very exposed, prominent locations. To ensure they blend-in with the surroundings, the enclosure has a top coat shade of Holly Bush Green. To maintain the aesthetic appearance and achieve a long life, the enclosures are shot blasted and then flame sprayed in molten zinc prior to painting. The resulting finish gives the enclosures an expected life of 20 years. The assemblies incorporate a 100A main isolator and the outgoing power distribution is via 15 No. 16A 230V 2P+E IP67 sockets, with each outlet protected by a 16A 30mA RCBO. The assemblies not only provide power for the digital scoreboards but they also incorporate 19’’ racks, housed in segregated chambers, which accommodate the IT / data equipment required to operate the scoreboard displays (supplied and fitted by others).

High Current Socket Assemblies

The high current socket assemblies incorporate a range of sockets including Marechal 125A 400V 5P Decontactor outlets, which are mechanically interlocked to prevent insertion or withdrawal of the plug on-load. Where floor space is at a premium, socket assemblies are designed to be Ground Mounted. They have a hinged chequer plate cover, which only needs to be raised to insert or withdraw the plug. Once the plug has been inserted or withdrawn, the chequer plate lid can be lowered, thereby reducing the possibility of damage to the assembly and also removing a potential trip hazard. Where space is at less of a premium, surface mounted power pillars have been supplied and incorporate an array of 230V and 400V sockets rated up to 125A, with suitable overcurrent and RCD protection. For longevity, metalwork is either hot dip galvanized or flame sprayed with zinc prior to painting.

If you have a requirement for custom built distribution equipment, the Blakley Electrics Project Team is on hand to work with clients and contractors to develop the optimum solution. Please contact us via our Wakefield or Crayford Customer Service Centres. We look forward to being of service.  

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