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Most activities conducted by the water industry are in harsh conditions, often in remote locations, requiring equipment that can stand up to the environment with minimal maintenance. Blakley Electrics supply the UK water industry with high quality robust distribution products.

Main Products include:

  • Equipped Feeder Pillars
  • Power Cluster multi voltage maintenance socket assemblies
  • IP55 and IP66 MCB Boards rated up to 250A
  • Automatic Mains Failure Assemblies
  • Manual Changeover Switch assemblies fitted with appliance inlets
  • Assemblies combining double-wound transformers
  • Protected Sockets
Water treatment plant

Design Features

Supplying the UK’s population with drinking water and disposing of its waste is a massive undertaking requiring continuous investment in:

  • Reservoirs

  • Water treatment works

  • Sewage treatment works

  • Pipelines and tunnels

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