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4 core plug-in lighting system allowing circuits with emergency lights to be switched off without discharging batteries

Flori-67/4P is a 4 pin, 110V, plug-in, site lighting system enabling standard and emergency fittings to be wired on the same circuit and switched off at the end of each shift without damaging the batteries within the emergency fittings. By switching off all lights, sites can substantially reduce CO2 emissions and electricity consumption.

Flori-67/4P comprises 100 metre lengths of 1.5mm2 or 2.5mm2, 4C, yellow, PVC Arctic grade cable with a moulded-on Flori-67/4P outlet every 5 metres, 7 metres or 10 metres. LED fittings are stocked in two sizes: 37W 5’ single and 27W 2’ twin and both sizes are available in standard and maintained emergency formats.

Blakley Electrics Flori-67/4P Lighting

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Anti-corrosive 110V LED fittings, standard and emergency, pre-wired with Flori-67/4P adaptor leads, enabling the supply to the LED array in emergency fittings to be switched and the supply to the emergency module to be unswitched.

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100m lengths of cable with Flori-67/4P outlets moulded every 5m, 7m or 10m; Black, Red and Green adaptors for wiring on to fittings; and in-line switch assemblies.

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