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Rail | 2023

Multiway DC Immune RCD Assemblies for...

Project number: SP110

Trains on the UK rail network use a variety of traction systems: about 30% are diesel...

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Aviation | 2023

Power Cluster Plus with Eco-Tx (for...

Project number: SP109

Power Cluster Plus assemblies are a professional, efficient and economic way of providing multiple voltage power...

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Docks and Harbours | 2023

Dockside Service Unit, 1600A Rating, Supplied...

Project number: SP108

Dockside Service Units (DSUs)

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Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical | 2023

Insulated Power Clusters with Interlocked Sockets,...

Project number: SP107

Our extensive range of standard multi-outlet Power Clusters is offered in ratings of IP44 and IP55

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Construction | 2023

Mains Distribution Assembly, 630A, with Form...

Project number: SP106

To enable major construction projects to meet fast track delivery programs without compromising on-site safety, we...

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Construction | 2023

Supplies to Charging Stations for On-Site...

Project number: SP105

As major construction companies begin to grapple with the challenge of becoming carbon neutral, the adoption...

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Docks and Harbours | 2023

Stainless Steel MCCB and MCB Boards

Project number: SP104

When one of Britain’s busiest container ports decided to upgrade part of its electrical distribution system...

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Construction | 2023

Tunnel Distribution Assembly, 630A

Project number: SP103

A recent requirement for free-standing, 400V tunnel distribution assemblies, which are to supply temporary Low Voltage...

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Docks and Harbours | 2023

TXL series Isolation Transformer for a...

Project number: SP102

Requirement for a 50kVA, three-phase, isolation transformer to provide a 230V, 50Hz, three-phase and neutral supply...

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Construction | 2022

Form 4 Mains Distribution Assembly, 2500A,...

Project number: SP101

In recent years, the number of major projects specifying Mains Distribution Assemblies (MDA) with Form 4...

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Aviation | 2022

Hangar Power Cluster

Project number: SP100

We have been supplying protected sockets for military aircraft installations for over 40 years. On a...

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Events | 2022

Custom Power Clusters

Project number: SP099

In addition to our standard range, we regularly manufacture non-standard Power Clusters and here are three...

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