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Protecting people and property from the harmful effects of electricity

At the heart of many of the protection products manufactured by Blakley Electrics, are our earth leakage sensors and earth continuity monitors, designed to protect people from the risks of an electric shock and damage to property and equipment.

In addition, we also use conventional RCCBs and RCBOs within our assemblies, selected on the basis of their performance characteristics.

Our detailed knowledge of these devices, and their application, enables us to continue to develop protection solutions for our diverse customer base.

Blakley Electrics Protection Products Category

Aviation| 2024

High Current RCD & Monitored…

We manufacture a standard range of socket outlet assemblies rated up to 63A

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Nuclear| 2019

New Generation of RCD Protected…

After 30 to 40 years of service, the original sockets are coming to the end of…

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Construction| 2016

Surge Protection Devices for Overvoltages…

The protection of installations from the effects of overvoltages of atmospheric origin (lightning) is a specialist…

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Healthcare| 2014

NHS Mobile Trailer Supplies

Mobile Trailers have been widely used within the NHS for many years and they currently play…

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