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3 core plug-in site lighting system including i-Site options, which reduce consumption and emissions on a 3 core wiring system

Flori-67/3P is a 110 volt plug-in lighting system developed by Blakley Electrics specifically for temporary site installations. It is a factory made system with all wiring carried out “off site,” which eliminates all on-site wiring. The connectors are rated at 6 amps and have been Type Tested in accordance with BS EN 60309-1:1999 and are classified as watertight. The system comprises of two main elements:

  1. LED floodlights, anti-corrosives and bulkheads pre-wired with a 2m Adaptor cable made from 1.5mm2 3C Yellow PVC Arctic grade cable with a moulded-on 6A, 3P, 110V, watertight plug.
  2. 100m lengths of 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2 or 4mm2 3C Yellow PVC Arctic grade cable fitted with a unique, moulded-on, 6A, 3P, 110V, watertight outlet at 5m, 7m or 10m intervals.
    Once luminaires are fixed in position, electrical connection is simply achieved by plugging in to the nearest Flori-67/3P outlet.

Blakley Electrics Flori-67/3P Lighting

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Anti-corrosive 110V LED fittings pre-wired with Flori-67/3P adaptor

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Anti-corrosive 110V LED fittings with i-Site movement and light level detection, pre-wired with a Flori-67/3P adaptor. The i-Site 110V site lighting system minimises running costs and CO2 emissions by monitoring movement and the light level in the immediate vicinity of each luminaire.

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Floodlight 110V LED and metal halide pre-wired with Flori-67/3P adaptor

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LED bulkhead lights with clear and red covers fitted with a Flori-67/3P adaptor.

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100m Flori-67/3P strings and adaptors to supply anti-corrosive fittings, floodlights and bulkheads.

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