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Housing for Current Transformers

Standard CT Chambers are designed to house Current Transformers used to meter LV electrical supplies. CT chambers can be utilised to meter the Distribution Network Operator’s supply (DNO) or they can be part of the Building Network Operator’s installation. Our range includes:

  • Standard chambers in ratings from 200A to 2000A, which utilise sealable, all insulated enclosures.
  • High current CT chambers in accordance with SSE requirements, which incorporate wooden cable clamps for bunched wavecon conductors.
  • Assemblies designed for Temporary Builders Supplies, which combine a CT Chamber with a Blakley 4P All-Insulated MCCB/RCD, rated at 400A, 800A, 1250A and 1600A. Combined assemblies can also be supplied for permanent installations, incorporating a CT Chamber and a 4P MCCB or switch rated up to 1600A (in place of an RCD).

Blakley Electrics CT Chambers

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Standard all-insulated CT Chambers rated at 200/400A, 630/800A and 1250/1600A.

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Insulated CT Chambers to SSE Requirements in ratings from 800A to 2000A

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Measuring Current Transformers to BS EN 61869-1 and 2, for Standard CT Chambers rated from 200A to 1600A (3 no. required per CT Chamber).

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