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Standard and bespoke products for use on Nuclear sites

Blakley Electrics supply fixed equipment to operating nuclear sites including heavy duty Red Spot fuse boards, RCD / Monitored Earth protected socket outlets, transformers to provide a Reduced Low Voltage supply and surface mounting industrial socket outlet assemblies. Where applicable, products comply with the latest Sellafield specifications.

We also supply a wide range of temporary equipment for use during construction and decommissioning of nuclear sites, including Power Clusters, Mains Distribution Assemblies, Site Transformers and 110V plug-in LED lighting systems.

Nuclear power plant

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Nuclear Case Studies

Construction | 2024

Floodlighting of Large Scale Decommissioning…

The dismantling and decommissioning of a large industrial complex can be a lengthy and dangerous process…

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Events | 2022

Custom Power Clusters

In addition to our standard range, we regularly manufacture non-standard Power Clusters and here are three…

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Nuclear | 2019

New Generation of RCD Protected…

After 30 to 40 years of service, the original sockets are coming to the end of…

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Industrial Building Services | 2018

Equipped Stainless Steel Pillar

The Blakley Team has recently been involved with a major project to supply over 40 no….

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Construction | 2018

Mains Distribution Assembly with Fuse…

The Blakley team have recently been involved in a demanding contract for Mains Distribution Assemblies (MDA),…

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Construction | 2016

Surge Protection Devices for Overvoltages…

The protection of installations from the effects of overvoltages of atmospheric origin (lightning) is a specialist…

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Industrial Building Services | 2013

Assemblies for Nuclear Decommissioning

Decommissioning a nuclear power facility is a very complex and lengthy process. In recent years various…

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Industrial Building Services | 2013

Red Spot Fuse Boards for…

In 2012 the Red Spot fuse business was acquired by Cooper Bussmann, to add to their…

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