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Blakley Electrics designs and manufactures a wide range of power transformers in ratings ranging from 100VA to 250kVA and in voltages from 12 volts to 3300 volts. Our transformers are generally double wound, enclosed in steel or insulated enclosures and are equipped with switchgear and distribution equipment, as required. We are approved suppliers of transformers to organisations such as BAA, BNFL, London Underground and Network Rail and we can also count many of the UK's leading contractors and wholesalers as regular customers. We stock a wide range of standard transformers and are happy to design and build customer specific transformers to order.

Construction Site Transformers, 3kVA to 20kVA

Construction Site Transformers provide a 110V RLV supply for power tools and temporary lighting. Available in GRP and steel enclosures, in ratings from 3 kVA to 20 kVA, with single and three-phase options. Fitted with (i) socket outlets to supply power tools and task lights and (ii) hard wired outlets to supply semi-permanent lighting. Versions with RCD protection also available.

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Bespoke Industrial Transformers

A range of double wound transformers from 100VA to 250kVA rating, single or three phase, designed mainly for installation in industrial locations and available with a variety of fitments such as MCBs, RCDs and socket outlets.

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