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Transformers tailored to the application

Blakley Electrics manufacture a range of transformers designed to meet the specific needs and requirements for select industry sectors. Our range of transformers are designed for use within:

  • Network Rail
  • London Underground
  • Nuclear Sector

Blakley Electrics Industry Specific Transformers

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Transformers to London Underground specification for installation in stations, maintenance depots and tunnels.

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Points Heating Transformers and Isolation Transformers to Network Rail specification.

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Transformers to Sellafield Sites Engineering Standard ES_1_2223_2 rated up to 10 kVA with integral fuse protection. Versions are available to provide a 110V RLV supply for power tools or with a 110V NE LV output to supply controls and instrumentation. Transformers can be supplied to other specifications.

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