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As part of our growing range of Low Energy 110V lighting products, sites can now significantly reduce the energy consumed to illuminate hoardings and scaffolding through our cost effective range of Bulkheads and Twin Spot Emergency Lights.

110V Bulkhead and Emergency Spotlights are suitable for all types of industrial and construction site lighting applications.

Bulkheads and Emergency Spotlights

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The standard range of 110V bulkheads includes 6W LED bulkheads with red or clear covers and 8W LED bulkheads with clear covers and integral 3 hour maintained battery back-up. Pre-wired LED bulkheads are also available, as are steel guards. Clear bulkheads with 8W fluorescent tubes and integral, 110V, 3 hour maintained emergency modules are also stocked (guards are not available for these).

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Twin spot emergency light, 110V, IP65, non-maintained, incorporating 2 x 5W LED flood lamps with 3 hour battery back-up.

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