Dockside Service Units

Part No: Custom Dockside Service Unit



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Dockside Service Units are high IP rating, high current distribution assemblies designed for installation on docksides without additional protection. DSUs are made to order.

If you would like to discuss a requirement for a Dockside Service Unit, please contact us.

Blakley Electrics Dockside Service Units (DSUs) are designed for permanent outdoor installation without the need for additional protection. The rugged design and high IP rating make them the preferred choice for many of the toughest installation environments found around the UK and overseas.

DSUs are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 61439-1 and incorporate integral segregation to Form 4 Type 7 i.e. segregated compartments for functional units, bus bars and terminations.

Enclosures provide IP56 ingress protection in accordance with BS EN 60529.

The detailed specifcation of DSUs varies from project to project but overall assemblies typically include some or all of the following key features:

  • Overall ratings from 400A to 2000A
  • Enclosures fabricated from 316L stainless steel
  • Ingress protection to IP56
  • Form 4 segregation for bus bars and hard wired circuits
  • Access to to termination compartments controlled by electrical or mechanical interlock.
  • Use of modular RCDs with variable sensitivity, time delay and test sockets to protect higher current circuits.
  • Monitored earth protection with over ride option for high current circuits.
  • Doors fitted with upper and lower stays, due to high winds in exposed locations.
  • Controlled access to socket outlets, to eliminate unauthorised interference with plug-in connections.
  • Brushed strip protection to socket compartments to minimise foreign body ingress.
  • Co-ordinated short circuit protection enabling the use of MCBs and RCCBs in locations with a high PSCC.
  • Phase supply indicators for the incoming supply and for the main bus bars.
  • Anti-condensation heaters with thermostat and manual control.
  • Power meters with view window and digital output.

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