Protected Sockets, 110V, 230V & 400V

RCD / Monitored Earth Protected Socket

Type Ref: AMRC/1/16/IP44

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RCD / Monitored Earth Protected Socket, 16A, 230V, SP&N, 7 Pole Socket, 30mA sensitivity

RCD and Monitored Earth protected socket housed in a surface mounting, all-insulated enclosure providing overall ingress protection to IP44, due to the incorporation of a splash proof socket.

The Monitored Earth protection also provides an electrical interlock, preventing the plug from being inserted or withdrawn on load. For “User Friendly” operation, the Earth Continuity Monitoring device controls an integrally mounted contactor with external ON / OFF push switches, which provides an easy means of turning the supply to the socket On and Off.

25A DP 30 mA sensitivity to BS EN 61008, Type A.

Pilot-Earth loop trip factor of 1.5 ohms, providing protection in accordance with BS4444.

16A, 6P+E, 230V, IPX4 to BS EN 60309-1.

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