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Power Factor Correction Assemblies are designed for operation in a harsh construction environment.

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Power Factor Correction can significantly reduce the size of supply required by a site, with the dual benefits of reduced cost and reduced carbon emissions.

We have two approaches to providing Power Factor Correction for construction installations. Firstly, through the supply of a “main” PFC assembly, which is installed at the main site intake. Secondly, through “local” PFC units to supply individual pieces of plant, such as tower cranes. The advantage of “local” correction is that savings are achieved within the site itself through the use of smaller supply cables, etc.

Both types of PFC assembly are fully automatic and incorporate capacitor banks, typically supplied in modules of 25 kVAr or 50 kVAr, which are controlled by a power factor control relay. The PF relay monitors the supply and alters the number of modules connected by switching banks of capacitors IN and OUT via a soft switching contactor arrangement.

PFC equipment to be incorporated at the “main” site intake can either be supplied as a stand alone assembly, positioned adjacent to the incoming Mains Distribution Assembly or they can be incorporated within the incoming Mains Distribution Assembly (MDA) itself.

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