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Auto transformers designed to supply US appliances at 115V, 50Hz from a 230V, 50Hz supply, for use in hotels, homes and offices, made to order. If you would like to discuss a bespoke auto transformer, please click on the Enquire button, forward your details and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

ATL series Single-phase, auto wound transformer assemblies rated from 500VA to 2000VA, housed in floor standing, wall mounting or portable, sheet steel enclosures.

ATL series transformers are usually installed in hotel rooms, offices or in homes, to provide a similar supply voltage to that found in domestic premises in the USA, albeit at a frequency of 50 Hz. The transformers can incorporate single or twin American standard 15A sockets or, alternatively, the output connection can be hard wired to feed remote sockets. Appropriate overcurrent protection is incorporated.

ATL series transformers provide the functional means to step down 230V mains to 115NE mains. The output is not RLV Reduced Low Voltage and ATL series transformers should not be used to feed 110V power tools or temporary lighting on UK construction sites.

ATL series transformers are generally for internal applications and enclosures are vented to IP20, to aid cooling. Enclosures can be floor / shelf mounting (ATLF), portable (ATLP) or wall mounting (ATLW). Higher IP rating enclosures can be supplied if required.

500VA, 1000VA, 1500VA or 2000 VA continuously rated. Other ratings can also be supplied.

Voltage Ratio
230 :115NE

Via American standard sockets or fitted with terminals to feed remote sockets. Overcurrent protection is provided by integral MCBs or fuses. RCD protection can also be incorporated if required (although an RCD feeding the transformer will trip if a line to earth fault occurs on the output).

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