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ITLW Series Of Wall Mounting All Insulated Transformers



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Wall mounting transformers with a wide range of voltage ratios and ratings up to 3.0kVA, housed in insulated enclosures, fitted with sockets, MCBs, etc., made to order. If you would like to discuss a bespoke transformer, please click on the Enquire button, forward your details and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

ITLW Series Single-phase, double wound transformer assemblies rated from 100VA to 2000VA, housed in wall mounting insulated enclosures, moulded from GRP.

(i) ITLW series transformers have been developed for two specialists applications:
for installation in locations with a wet or corrosive atmosphere, where the use of a GRP enclosure results in lower maintenance and increased lifespan;
(ii) in earth free areas where the use of a steel enclosure can compromise the protection philosophy. ITLW series transformers can also be installed in conventional plant rooms and workshops and are available in a wide range of power ratings and voltage ratios. A variety of fitments can be incorporated including MCBs, RCDs, Fusegear, Sockets and Isolators.

Moulded from GRP, wall mounting pattern with a side hinged door and external fixing lugs. Available in IP ratings from IP23 to IP66, subject to the ambient temperature, rating, size of enclosure and the fitments incorporated.

Transformer Windings
Transformer windings are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 61558 Parts 1, 2-4, 2-6 and 2-23, where applicable.

Standard Ratings
Single-phase, continuously rated at 100VA, 150VA, 200VA, 250VA, 350VA, 500VA, 750VA, 1000VA, 1500VA and 2000VA.

Primary Voltages – 230 and 400 volts
Secondary Voltages – 12, 24, 25, 42, 50, 110 and 230

BS7671:2018 permits a supply voltage tolerance of -6% / +10%. Any variation in the voltage connected to the primary of the transformer will proportionally vary the secondary voltage and also alter the inrush current characteristics. To address the impact of supply voltage variations, voltage tappings can be incorporated into the primary winding. We would be pleased to quote for transformers with multiple primary tappings.

Transformers with dual secondary windings are available to feed power tools at 110 volts and inspection lamps at 24 volts. The earthing arrangement of secondary windings must be specified (i.e. centre-tapped to earth, neutral earthed or earth free).

Most ITLWs are made to order. Please submit details to our Customer Service Centres who will be pleased to discuss requirements.

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