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Construction site transformers provide a 110V RLV supply and are available in ratings from 3 kVA to 20 kVA, single-phase and three-phase options, in a range of enclosure designs.

Different distribution arrangements of 16A and 32A sockets and / or hard wired lighting outlets with MCB protection and the option of RCD protection are available.

Models are also available with plug-in mains connection via an appliance inlet (fixed plug), as are dedicated Site Lighting Transformers with integral time clock and contactors for the automatic control of lighting circuits.

Blakley Electrics Construction Site Transformers

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Portable transformers provide a 110V RLV supply for power tools and temporary lighting. Ratings from 3000VA to 5000VA, housed in robust, all insulated GRP enclosures available with 16A and 32A sockets.

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Available in continuous ratings from 5kVA single-phase to 20kVA three-phase. Standard site transformers are fitted with socket outlets, with or without RCD protection. Models are available fitted with appliance inlets (fixed plugs), allowing Site Transformers to be plug-in and supplied via 230V or 400V extension leads. At a Glance Site Transformer Selector

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Dedicated Site lighting transformers are rated at 10kVA single-phase or three-phase and are fitted with hard wired lighting connection points, which prevent lighting circuits from being casually unplugged. Site Lighting transformers are also available with time clock control, allowing lights to be turned ON and OFF automatically. Circuits can be individually protected by RCD. Lighting connections are configured for 3 core circuits, except for those with time clocks, which are configured for 4 core circuits. At a Glance Site…

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Combined Power and Lighting transformers are rated at 10kVA single or three-phase and incorporate socket outlets to supply power tools and hard wired connection points to feed dedicated 3 core lighting circuits. Sockets are MCB protected and hard wired circuits are MCB or MCB / RCD protected. At a Glance Site Transformer Selector

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Slim Line transformers are designed for installation in corridors and other areas with restricted space, where the side mounted sockets lower the risk of physical damage. Slim Line transformers are continuously rated at 5kVA single-phase or 7.5kVA three-phase. At a Glance Site Transformer Selector

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Mini Site Transformers are ideal for sites where space is at a premium or where lifting with mechanical aids is impractical. Mini site transformers are single-phase with a 4kVA continuous rating. As standard they are available with socket outlets or hard wired outlets to feed lighting circuits, with or without RCD protection.

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