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Blakley Electrics produces socket assemblies in all shapes and sizes but not many weigh-in at 1000 kgs and feature a 1250A plug-in supply with multiple outgoing ways rated at 400A, 125A, 63A, 32A and 16A.

These high end assemblies are being used in outside broadcast installations, which take place around the globe. The assemblies need to be safe and easy to transport, quick to install, reliable in operation, easy to maintain, operate from 50Hz or 60Hz supplies, be suitable for operation in a range of ambient temperatures and, critically, stand the test of time. Drawing on our decades of experience, we are confident that these assemblies tick all of the boxes.

The enclosure provides protection to IP55 and is fabricated from ferritic stainless steel with a high quality paint finish. It is mounted within a heavy duty, galvanized crash frame with fork lift pockets on all four sides. Overhead lifting points are provided and the assembly is designed to be shipped via an ISO container. Doors are fitted with windows enabling the status of switchgear and protection to be checked at a glance. Thermostatically controlled heaters are also incorporated.

The assembly has a main incoming MCCB rated at 1250A, which is supplied via 3 no. sets of 5 no. 800A single pole drain connectors with dust covers. Incoming test sockets are provided, as is a surge protection device providing type 1, 2 and 3 protection in accordance with BS EN 61643. An incoming power quality meter with RJ45 connection is also fitted.

The outgoing side is fitted with the following outlets: one set of 5 no. 500A single pole source connectors with dust covers; 6 no. 125A 5P 400V IP67 sockets; 12 no. 63A 5P 400V sockets; 3 no. 32A 5P 400V IP67 sockets; 1 no. 16A 5P 400V sockets; 3 no. 32A 3P 230V IP67 sockets; 12 no. 16A 3P 230V IP67 sockets.

Each 400V socket is protected by a suitably rated 4 pole MCCB with associated variable time and current MRCD, which can display the standing leakage in its circuit. Each MRCD is controlled by a key switch, enabling individual RCDs to be disabled (indicators are provided to show the status of the RCD protection i.e. enabled or disabled). 230V sockets are individually protected by MCB / 30mA RCD combinations with short circuit back-up protection provided by a 160A 4P MCCB.

If you have a requirement for a high current socket assembly the Blakley Projects team would be pleased to discuss your detailed requirements.

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