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The dismantling and decommissioning of a large industrial complex can be a lengthy and dangerous process and the provision of adequate temporary lighting is recognised as an essential ingredient in creating a safe working environment. Wherever possible, site lighting should be supplied at Reduced Low Voltage (110V), which was very difficult to achieve with high wattage discharge lights, and it can also be a challenge with LED floodlights, as extra high wattage LED luminaires are often designed to provide their maximum output at 230V. However, our new Ultra 450W floodlight produces its mighty 77000 lumens output at 110V, which enables cathedral sized structures, such as the turbine hall of a power station, to be illuminated to a high level with the minimum number of luminaires.

On a recent project, a turbine hall measuring 116m x 33m was illuminated by 20 no. Ultra 450W floodlights with a predicted average light level of 227 lux and a minimum light level of 85 lux. As a further enhancement, the luminaires were supplied via our Flori-67/3P plug and play lighting system, with a fitting spaced every 10 metres on both long sides of the hall. Utilising Flori-67/3P had the benefit of minimising on site installation time by allowing the flexible 110V supply cables to be plugged-in to standard site transformers. As each light draws just over 4A, the maximum number of lights per 16A circuit was limited to 3, which has the added benefit of eliminating concerns about volt drop.

If you have a requirement to light a large space at 110V, please contact the Blakley Team who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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