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Although the Service Sector has become the focus of the UK economy, there are still pockets of heavy industry that have major power requirements. On a recent project we designed and manufactured a total of 32 no. 400A Multiplex Outlet Panels, which are to be installed in a shipbuilding facility.

Two types of Multiplex panel were manufactured. The first type was to supply high powered welding sets and incorporated 4 no. 125A 400V 3P+E sockets. The second type was a general purpose distribution assembly fitted with: 63A and 125A, 400V, 3P+N+E sockets; 16A and 32A, 230V, 2P+E sockets; 16A and 32A, 110V, 2P+E sockets.

All assemblies were housed within purpose made, robust, floor mounting enclosures with a high quality, outdoor duty paint finish. Enclosures incorporated an overhead lifting facility, a projecting canopy and a side hinged padlockable door with quick release fasteners. Cable entry was via a removable gland plate in the top of the enclosure.

All units incorporated a 400A 4P incoming isolator with a door mounted, interlocked, rotary operating handle, which ensures all distribution equipment is isolated when the door is open. The operation of sockets, MCBs, RCDs, etc., can all be carried out without the need to open the main door.

All mains voltage sockets are switched and interlocked, which prevents plugs from being inserted or withdrawn on load. Mains voltage sockets are individually protected by MCB and RCD. RCDs are Type A and up to 63A rating have a fixed 30mA sensitivity. 125A RCDs are also Type A and have variable sensitivity and variable time delay. All devices are accessible via hinged windows fitted to the door.

110V sockets are not interlocked and are protected by double-pole MCBs, which are mounted behind hinged windows. The 110V sockets are supplied from an integral, double-wound, single-phase, 10kVA transformer, which has a 110CTE secondary winding and provides a Reduced Low Voltage supply for portable powertools, temporary lighting, etc.

If you have a requirement for heavy duty distribution equipment, for permanent or temporary installations, please contact the Blakley Projects Team who will be pleased to be of assistance.

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