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Project Highlights

  • Isolation Transformer

    A HOT site is a high voltage installation (400kV, 132kV, 33kV, etc.) where the Earth Potential Rise (EPR) that can occur during an earth fault can exceed 430V. For installations at these sites, there is a risk that the EPR could be exported onto the HV or LV network and into a consumer’s premises, where it could cause danger to life or damage to property.

  • Large industrial complexes often have a requirement for multiple voltages around a plant, whether for ad hoc maintenance or planned shutdowns. As an alternative to installing fixed Power Clusters at strategic locations around a site, it is sometimes more economic, particularly on established sites, to adopt mobile distribution assemblies, which can plug into existing 400V sockets.

  • In order to enhance on-site safety, Blakley Electrics have produced a series of Mains Distribution Assemblies (MDAs) fitted with test sockets, which enable a range of installation tests to be carried out “live” and with a very high degree of safety.

  • Blakley Electrics continues to develop its range of products for the Electrical Supply Industry and in 2015 we have produced a far wider range of CT Chamber assemblies meeting Scottish and Southern (SSE) requirements. We now have standard designs for:

  • Blakley Electrics are currently supplying a series of 1:1 ratio isolation transformers for a major rail electrification project in the UK. Single phase and three phase transformers are being supplied in ratings from 25 kVA through to 90 kVA. Their purpose is to separate traction supplies from the mains network.

  • At the end of 1992 Blakley Electrics secured its first significant order from London Underground, which initially was for 4500 no. 6 kVA, 415:110V, three-phase Tunnel Power Transformers (TPT).

  • When a new train line is opened or there is an upgrade to an existing line, new repair and maintenance facilities may also need to be provided or existing facilities updated.

  • Back in 1992, Blakley Electrics supplied a total of 20 no. 630A Dockside Service Units (DSUs) to one of the UK’s major Naval bases. After nearly 25 years of service in very harsh environments, SOME of the units now need replacing.

  • Standard Blakley AMF and ATS automatic changeover assemblies incorporate pairs of contactors or ACBs controlled by a Deep Sea Electronics controller. The Deep Sea device is very flexible and can be configured on site, which is useful if the exact characteristics of the generator, or any other aspects of the installation, are not completely finalised at the time of supply.

  • The Riyadh Metro Project is the Mass Transit Rail System currently being constructed in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is a significant, fast track project consisting of 6 rail lines, 176km of track, 85 stations and a budget of around $22.5 billion.

  • Since introducing our comprehensive range of IP55 and IP66 rated MCB boards in July 2014, there has been a great deal of interest in the standard product, thanks to the wide scope of the range i.e.

  • Distribution Assembly, Rated at 800A

    When the UK Military deploys in the field, there is a significant requirement for power and lighting equipment. Systems need to be quick to install, scalable, safe and easy to use, ruggedly constructed, provide power for many different types of user and be re-usable with minimal maintenance.

  • Flori-67/3P 110V Site Lighting

    Since its launch at the start of 2012, Flori-67/3P, Blakley Electrics’ unique plug-in 110V lighting system, has been widely adopted by the UK Construction and Civil Engineering sectors. In the 3 years since introduction, over 265km of lighting strings and associated fittings have been installed, which is equivalent to lighting the entire length of the M25 1½ times!

  • Tube Train Maintenance Depots

    The London Underground Tube network is the oldest mass transit system in the world and carries in excess of 1.25 billion passengers per annum. The system is split into eleven lines and runs for 7 days a week with only a short period each night for track, station and train maintenance.

  • Dockside Transformer

    Major refits are carried out on all Royal Naval Warships and Submarines on a planned basis, to ensure they are ready and able to undertake the multiplicity of tasks the UK Navy carries out around the world.  

  • 250A Distribution Assembly

    As part of the upgrading of facilites at a busy Royal Air Force station, the Blakley team recently designed and manufactured a heavy duty, 250A distribution assembly, which met the exact physical and electrical requirements of the station engineering team. Assemblies are permanently installed in exposed locations

  • Reefer Gantry Supply Assembly

    Reefers (refrigerated containers) are used to transport perishable goods around the world. When they are in transit by road or ship, power for the integral refrigeration unit is provided by the vehicle or vessel. However, once in port awaiting onward shipment, an external supply has to be provided to power the Reefer.

  • When a domestic consumer or a business loses its electricity supply, whether it is due to flooding, vandalism or equipment failure, the loss of power for a prolonged period can have far reaching consequences for all concerned.

  • As part of the updating of ten Central London Underground Stations, the Blakley project team have been involved in developing a composite Lift Supply Panel, which is designed to be located in existing switch rooms.

  • Special Transformer with Insulation Monitoring to Supply Vessels

    When certain military and mercantile vessels are moored at pontoons or quaysides, an earth free IT supply is provided to power the vessel’s electrical system, enabling the on board generator to be shut down. An insulation monitor (IMD) is required to ensure the integrity of the IT shore supply.

  • When the UK’s leading steel producer was planning the refurbishment of a major blast furnace, the requirement was identified for high concentrations of 400V and 110V power across the worksite, to supply welders, power tools and temporary lighting.

  • Mobile Trailers have been widely used within the NHS for many years and they currently play a key role in the national breast screening programme. Trailer mounted assets also provide temporary or mobile facilities for a wide range of other health related activities across the UK.

  • Assemblies for Nuclear Decommissioning

    Decommissioning a nuclear power facility is a very complex and lengthy process. In recent years various decommissioning strategies have been developed, which include immediate dismantling, deferred dismantling (which occurs after radioactivity has been allowed to decay under controlled conditions)

  • Transportable 15kVA Transformer in Crash Frame

    When a major offshore wind farm operator decided to upgrade the maintenance facilities on an array of 60 turbines installed off the English / Scottish border, they approached the Blakley Electrics Project Team to discuss possible options.

  • Site Intake Assembly for Temporary Builders Supply

    Temporary supplies for construction sites present some unique challenges for electricity suppliers, meter operators, electrical contractors and building contractors.

    Provision has to be made for temporary supply cables to be terminated in a secure and robust manner, in strict accordance with the requirements of different electricity suppliers.

  • Blackfriars Station

    Blackfriars Station is a complex, Network Rail and London Underground (LUL) station interchange in the heart of London, which has recently undergone extensive redevelopment. Its Network Rail platforms have been extended and span the River Thames a short distance from Blackfriars Bridge. The north bank entrance is on Queen Victoria Street and a new

  • Red Spot Fuse Board for Sellafield

    In 2012 the Red Spot fuse business was acquired by Cooper Bussmann, to add to their portfolio of fuse gear products. Cooper Bussmann are market leaders in the supply of fuses and fuse gear and the addition of Red Spot products is a natural extension to their range.

  • Cable link box for tunnelling

    On large tunnel projects, Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) have changed tunnelling from a quasi mining activity in to a mobile production line. Once a TBM is up and running (which is no mean feat), it burrows away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, edging forward metre by metre.


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